Free Delivery. Always. Lowest Prices. Guaranteed. 

Where we deliver?   

We are expanding, your address might be the next.

Free Delivery. Always. Lowest Prices. Guaranteed. 

Where we deliver?   

We are expanding, your address might be the next.

Fruit and veg should be a staple – not a luxury

9 for 9   

How would you like 9lb box of healthy, delicious fruit and veg for $9?

Free Delivery

No Fees, No Fluff. You pay absolutely nothing for delivery, thanks to revolutionary distribution system.

The Lowest Price

The price is a bargain for you since we sell produce marked as surplus by our partners. 9lb for $9.

C is for Convenience

Say "Goodbye" to costly deliveries and long trips to a shop. Just pickup from nearby C-KIOSK whenever suits you. 

Reduce Waste

If you care about the planet feel proud that we source surplus produce that would have been thrown out for NO REASON. 

Reduce Emissions 

Our innovative and efficient delivery system means that every time you order you are helping the environment.  

Get Healthy

Each Fruit & Veg Box contains enough produce to meet your weekly recommendation of 7 servings per day. 

A Broken Food System

Do you feel you’re getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet?

Canada’s food guide recommends 7 servings of fruit and veg every day.

But a lot of Canadian’s fail to reach that goal.

There’s the hassle of buying produce.

But more importantly, there’s the problem of cost. If you’ve ever been walking down the shopping aisle and found yourself shaking your head at the prices – you’re not alone.

A third of Canadians eat less produce because of the cost. And we eat more cheap, junk food that contributes directly to diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, depression and the list goes on.  

We Know What Is The Best Produce Deal

We handpick and curate all produce deals in Ontario and deliver them to you

How It Works

Order online

Signup and subscribe to your Fruit & Veg Box plan. During checkout, select a convenient C-KIOSK smart locker location near you.

Get notified

Once your box is delivered to the C-KIOSK, you'll receive an email/SMS notification with a unique pick-up code and location.


Pick-up when you want. No lines, no waiting, no driving, no tipping. Just fresh and delicious produce for one unbeatable price.

Our vision: Convenient and affordable access to nutritious produce for everyone. 

What People Say


As a single working mom, I don't have a lot of free time and my budget is limited – to say the least. We simply can’t afford to get fresh produce often. C-KIOSK has changed everything. Being able to order fresh produce on a shoestring budget is a blessing. I love my weekly Fruit & Veg Box! 


As a student, I rely on convenient sources of food – which means a lot of unhealthy junk. C-KIOSK has changed all that – now it’s as easy and affordable to get healthy fruit and veggies as it is to get convenience store food. Being able to help to reduce food waste at the same time is the perfect cherry on top.  

Ready to Eat Healthy?

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